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Saturday, October 16, 2010

NOTW past and present

So ladies since I have been away from my blog for like a MONTH WOW!!!! I have combined all of my nails of the week looks I had over that period in this post.
hope you like
This is Lavenbaby by kleancolor and i think pretty in pink also by kleancolor not sure, but I LUV this pink polish the camera really does it no justice its gorgeous.
this color is a really bright tangerine orange color by Sally Hansen (can't remember the name right now). But the camera really makes it look more red than it is. For those of you who have seen this color knows that its FAR from that lol.
This is plum by kleancolor, very rich color I love this also.

The black and pink is by kleancolor, the white is by B.S.N and I used a very thin brush i bought from a beauty supply store to create the zebra stripe on the white.
So my zebra print and pink is what I have been rocking this week. A little boredom and fashion creativity goes a long way lol what do you guys think?? Did them self
A real fashionista DIVA nails are always on point!
smooches :)


  1. awesome nail colours! also, i'm having my first giveaway that you might be interested in, here's the link if you are:

  2. Nice!

  3. I love that plum color! its looks amazing with your skin tone!