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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all my lovely dolls and gent :) I know I have been missing in action for a while. But trust I have been soooooooooo busy with everything i just didnt seem to get a moment to post, not even a quickie. But anywhoos I have been walking with my camera so I was able to snap some shots so I will actually have things to post when I do get the time.

So just briefly what I have been up to

Work was usual
School is going good, its tiresome but fun that I am learning all the techniques of sewing different garments, oh you sin call fashion...............I LOVE YOU with the band has slowed down so thats a good thing for me right now, should be picking up in December with all the end of year christmas parties and social gathering can't wait for that.

And now I'm getting ready for Junkanoo which is a HUGE festival over here, similar to Carnival in Trindad or Brazil BUT BETTER more cultural. Its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I posted some pics up of the one last year I did. Well it takes alot of time because all the costumes are handmade and decorated so I am actually behind schedule as usual. so typical me.

Pictures of me at both junkanoo parades last year
But basically it is like a 12 hour parade that starts like 1AM where the music section plays instruments, like drums, brass, cowbells and play popular songs and the participants dance in their customes. And the groups compete to see who will win. And basically you just dance your ASS OFF!!! and perform no matter how TIRED you are :) Its really a sight can't really put in words.

I have also been doing a little bit of shopping here and there picking up a few things. So I will be posting ALL OF THAT!, so your wait wasnt in vain. I also found the foundation of my dreams :)
What have all you lovelies been up to. UPDATE ME.

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