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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another BLOG Award!!! YAy

Its a hump Wednesday ladies,

Its the middle day of the 5 day week before the weekend which means there 2 more days before the weekend what do you guys have plan for the weekend.

Okay so I am sooooo late with this one but I was given another award by one of the best bloggers on here Mz Keira. It was a happy award. Thank you girlie :)

So along with this I am suppose to state 10 things that I like. Big thanks again keira.

I LIKE..... dance (obsessed)
2. to sing
3. Shopping (obsessed)
4. Shoes (obsessed)
5. Red velvet cake
6. Makeup
7. ALL things chocolate
8. Animals
9. the colors Pink and Purple (obsessed)
10. LEGGINGS (obsessed)
* It felt kinda weird putting like cuz i LOVE all these things, like obsessed love LOL!!!
I tag everyone who might read this blog :) enjoy you day ladies!
P.S. Mz keira how are you, I havent seen or heard anything from you in a while hope all is well with you.


  1. I read your post, does that mean I am tagged??

    well 2 of my best friends' birthdays are this weekend so we have loads planned for the 3 days!!

  2. Hey girly! i am still alive! just doing the whole school thing and with my son walking now i've been super busy! i will be posting very soon! glad to hear you are having fun LOL.

    I am glad you did this award i think you deserve it! :-D Hugs

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  4. Thanks hun, I also gave u an award over on my blog, here's the link if your interested: