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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Peacock inspired makeup


So I decided to post some pictures of my favorite makeup application which is the peacock feather colors. I absoutely love the colors in the peacock feather. Infact I have quite a few peacock inspired earrings and accessories.

I'm probrably sure some of you notice my eye makeup are different. What I did was showed two ways in which I apply the colors. If you guys like let me know and I can do a tutorial for you.

Chao and enjoy, hope you like
The left the green and purpe are higher on the eyelid for more of a pop! and dramatic look. On the right eye the green is at the bottom. Which one is your favorite :)

What I used for eye makeup:

Coastal scent 88 color shimmer palette

MAC gold pigment

Kleancolor 916 seafoam green (on right eye)

Til next time lovelies enjoy.

Island beauty


  1. Its very pretty and daring =) the 88 palette is a must have to anyones collection.

  2. wow love the look! it's so fun :) hmmm i really can't decide wich one's my fave to be honest, they both look awesome!