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Saturday, September 11, 2010

An oh so hard WEEK!

Hello blogger beauties

So I know all week I have neglected my blog because I was so busy that I didn't have time to do a post all week my days were long I was leaving the house from 7am to head to work and then returning 1am the next morning. That was because I had classes from 6-10pm and then head straight to band practice until about 12:30/1:00am.

But anywhoooooo this week is turning out to be a bit better (SO FAR!) so here's a little update about my week. So we had band practice all last week because we started playing at this new club in downtown Nassau so that took alot of my time. However on my day off on Thursday in between classes I was able to drop into one of my favorite stores, they were having a sale and I picked up a few things can't wait to show you guys

I had a NOTW (nail color of the week) to post and I didnt get a chance to post and since then I have change my nail color for this week. I am down to like a color per week geez!! :0 but that's all time allows me these days. So I will post last week and this week color I absolutely heart this weeks nail color it sooo purrty if I do say so myself.

This is last week nail color

with flash (more true to color) without flash
This is kleancolor nail polish in mystic grass. Its a really pretty green with a hint of turquoise.

NEW NAIL COLOR of the Week
Its KLEANCOLOR nail lacquer in Wild Rose
I so LUV pink!

So well that's all for now, blog dolls, its like 9 mins to 12, so I am goin to get some much needed zzzzzz!!!


  1. I am loving nail polishes right now and those colors are pretty! <3

  2. wow these colours are amazing!