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Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday goodies!

Hey ladies
So today in the Bahamas was sooooooo hott!! it was almost unbearable, the sun felt like it was right on my neck and yet i have another TWO MONTHS of this!!!! Im usually not one to favor the cooler months, but this year I can't wait for them to come. Good riddens summer!!
After working half off the day in the sun, then heading to the hospital to visit my cousin ( I'm so worried about her) I was pretty much beat that i simply crashed across my bed and fell asleep instantly but i promised my friend i would do a post tonight seeing that i was off tomorrow and didnt have to get up early, so................. that's exactly what I am doing at 12:26am.

Tonight i decided to do a post of all my birthday goodies that i got for my bday this month. Yes its a little late, but better late than never i say :-)
Its not much but its much more than I've been getting for the past few birthdays so thats a good thing.

So I got a few purses and bags. The coach bag and wallet was a gift to myself!

I like the larger black clutch (bottom right) because its cute & chic, but it still holds alot, especially for dressy gigs i have with my band. It can stil hold my make-up, hair brush etc to freshen up between breaks

My cousin bought me a few cute things in my favorite color. I have a thing for glasswear as well so she combined it. A birthday martini glass with pink (I luv her)

I also got a little pink clock and some picture/memo holders, ALL in my fav colors in pink and purple! My friends are the greatest!

I also got some polish in one of my favorite brands (kleancolor) in melon green & barbie pink. I will show later.

And of course whats gifts without someone feeding my shoe obsession. These are purple leopard print michael antonio's, I've been eyeing them for a while and i got them yipee :-)

And some clothes

A black full back lace tank

My favorite piece its a sleeveless ripped spandex shirt (I love it on)

And some ripped (to the side) leggings sexy

I thank everyone for all my gifts thank you guys.

Tomorrow I will try to do an outfit posting, with the ocean as my background :), so keep an eye open for that.


  1. great gifts! I love the bags and clothes!
    Your blog is great too, will defo be back! Feel free to come follow me too if u like :)

  2. oh my love your gifts!! im jealous!!! lol so far great blog!!! love the colors and everything!!!