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Friday, August 13, 2010

NAIL COLOR OF THE WEEK! purple magic

Purple Magic

So another quik post, this is my nail polish of the week!

Its called Magic and its by claire's cosmetics.
Hope you ladies like :)


  1. great color new follow hope you can follow

  2. Hey Hun,I love the color,Purple has became one of my fav color over the years.! Any who I just started a NEW blog aswell so everything is still coming together.. If you get the chance check it out please and follow me.! Hope you do well with your blog and I'm following you.!! :)

  3. Thank you ladies, purple is definitely my favorite color, along with pink I'm crazy for them.

    Thank you both for following my blog, that means alot to me, especially being a new blogger living in the Bahamas.
    I'm following and keeping up with your blogs as well.