Fashion fades, but style is eternal

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let's get this train rolling

So finally things are in order to me to really get my blog on the go. Even though I have already posted a few things i am officially labelling this as my introduction.

So let me tell you a little about myself:

I am a recent 27 yr old, Bahamian (yes people I was born and raise and presently resides in the Bahamas lol). I love to dance and love everything fashion, infact i think if i lived in the US i would be broke lol. (things r much cheaper there than where i live and a very WIDE variety)

I currently sing in a band as well (which you will hear more about later)

I work at the Atlantis hotel which is one of the must-visit resort in the world, its has its advantages of working there, for now I LOVE working there now.

I am certified in esthetics (skin care), massage therapy and nail technology yipee for me, so all of that will come into play with my blog :)

I love everything PINK!!!!!and PURPLE!!!!!!!!! I'm crazy for them lol!

So what to expect from my blog?

ANY AND EVERYTHING ! So i hope you enjoy


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!! Hope you enjoy it =)