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Friday, August 13, 2010

A stab at makeup - my daily work face

Hey ladies
So as of late i started wearing makeup to work (to glamourize myself a bit) even though its hot as hell everyday and I've been getting some good response to it so yipee for me
So i decided to post this blog to show what i use for work.

So i use:

MAC select cover-up concealer (NC50)

MAC studio fix powder (NC50)

MAC studio finish concealer (NC42)

MAC blush (coppertone matte)

Jordana eyeshadow (chocolate)

Maybelline great lash mascara

NY Black eyeliner

NY lipgloss

blush brush, eyebrow brush, blending brush

Okay so i don't use foundation cuz its definitely tooooo hot for that.

I use the NC50 concealer for my dark cirlces and the NC42 concealer for under and on top of my eyebrow to lighten that area and make my eyebrows more refine.

I use the jordana chocolate eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows and as a daily eyeshadow. Because I have (which i hate) "flap over" eyelids i use it in the crease to brighten my eyes and make them look bigger.

Everything else is pretty explanatory, I LOVE raccoon eyes so my black eyeliner, and mascara i dnt go without. They also make my eyes look bigger, which i wish i had larger eyes, I don't like my eyes. I only use maybelline great lash, because its the only mascara that can sort of control my extremely curled up eyelashes, they are sooo stubborn.

I pretty much just wear lipgloss for the most part when it comes to makeup because i have a very dark lipline naturally so with some lipgloss my lips are pretty much good to go. :)

Oh yeah and my MAC coppertone matte finish blush! Love it to death. I love the way it looks its perfect for me.

Hope you like leave me a comment :) thanks

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